Intuitive Energy Healing

 Rachel Eckenrod 

Specializing in Whole Being Alignment IMG_0948

All sessions are customized and will depend on what you are needing and looking for.

Many people are in need of physical touch to release the blockages in their physical body, while others block the free flow of energy in their thought patterns or belief systems.

Most sessions are a combination of consultation, where the possibility of healing is created, then a manipulation of energy in the physical or energetic body. Clients remain clothed during the process.

All sessions begin with a consultation that determines the Way the rest of the session goes.

Depending on the time and space available, the method may vary from one session to the next, even with the same client.

The Hour Session typically allows for a complete, balanced treatment for general maintenance of energetic structures. Not a talking session.

An hour and a half to three or more hours may go something like this-

Best suited for those who are on or beginning a journey of healing themselves.

In this type of session, language may be involved. If there are blockages in thought preventing efficient flow of energy through the whole system, we talk to rearrange the wiring of the brain – making new connections and creating new possibilities for the past, present and future – while I the monitor and adapt your energetic structure to accommodate it’s new reality – Essentially creating space that allows old, stuck energy to flow – which allows the body to heal itself.

Without blockages to healing in the mind, I next look to the heart, and feel for it’s vibration, and what may be preventing the manifestation of it’s hearts desire. Through the removal of energetic blocks, if present, the heart’s vibration rises.

Once the heart and mind are aligned, I “set” the new patterns in the body through hands on healing and bone-centered energy work.